Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Yesterday was a busy day. I drove around my two conjoing towns trying to proove who I was in order to get my drivers license and social security card. it ws a pain in the butt. But I managed without being rude to the lady at the DMV:) Sunday evening I watched Joel Osteen and his message was " No one can take your joy away". So I kept that in mind. Tomorrow were having new windows replaced in the house so I was bust taking out the airconditioners from the windows. That too was a pain in the butt. Then last night I went to the womans Bible study, I really enjoy these woman and I'm glad I went. I was tired and wasn't going to go but I'm glad I did. Today the car glass people will come to my home and replace my broken window so I'm happy about that.
Finally the Oregon weather that I love is back. It was 42 degrees last night. It's time to take out the winter clothes:). I cant wait for the snow. Last year we only had two good snow falls, our elevation is only about 450 feet. It's enough snow to build snowmen.
Have a great Tuesday!!!


Shirla said...

Your singing my song about winter! I LOVE winter and cant wait for it to get here. I love the snow, but living here in VA we don't get very much of it. :( When I was a little girl we used to get right much, but not anymore. We mainly get the dreaded ice storms now and light dusting's of snow. :(

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T said...

You sound like you have accomplished a lot in the last couple days. Woo Hoo!! You are doing great!

I can't wait for winter, but I live in the desert, so no snow, just nice cooler days for me. I am so ready for the heat of summer to be gone.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you have had such a hard time with this mess.Just because of some jerk. I am not promising I could be good =)

Julieann said...

42??? I am soooo jealous:) How lovely!!

I try and not let anyone take my JOY away, but it is hard at times.

As for the Monkey Crunch--you would not believe how many hits my blog got for that post...LOL--I could not believe it:) Did you make it?

I am so glad you started blogging--I made a new friend!!


Shirla said...

Hi I haven't posted since Sunday. I have a stupid cold, allergies or something and haven't felt like getting online much. The weather has been cool here at night and we have been sleeping with the fan in the bedroom window and it reeked havoc with either my sinuses or allergies. :( I hope to get back to blogging and reading real soon.