Monday, September 8, 2008

Just another day

Today is Monday and my 8 year old daughter gives me so much touble in the morning about what to wear to school. This year I let her pick out her own school clothes so I wouldnt have these arguements in the morning. Well it didnt work, she still has to give me a hard time. And those darn socks. She always has a problem with socks, last year after buying different kinds of socks I finally said okay you dont have to wear socks. Do any moms out there have any suggestions for a smoother morning when it comes to an 8 year old girl?
My son starts his job today at Arby's. He will go there right after school, I hope he does a good job. Im nervous for him.
My husband has only been gone since last Thursday but I miss him already, he is on his way to Ohio. I guess I will go start my housework, I was going to bathe the dogs but my daughter has requested I wait untill she comes home from school so she can help. Have a blessed day ladies.

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Kathi said...

Hi I'm so glad you came by today. My helpful suggestion, which did work for me, was to lay out the clothes the night before and show her/him what will be worn the next morning. It made it so much easier for me.

I loved the Breaking Free workbook. I studied so hard. I took the time to look up every single Scripture and filled in every blank. I couldn't fill in the pages for group sessions called "viewers guide," because you have to view these on disks. Our church has some of the disks, so I could participate in those one. I just skipped those pages in the book. I was determined to change so I had sort of a "gripping steel" attitude about it. Believe me, I'm a new person. God has changed me for the better.

Bless you sweetie, and I hope you have an opportunity to look through her workbooks and decide on one that suits you. Hugs, Kathi