Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Goodmorning, It's finally starting to look like fall. No blue skys today. I hope it rains soon, we haven't had any rain for 3 or 4 weeks. I prefer dark cloudy rainy days over sunshine.

So I mentioned before that I am new to learning about the Bible and Christianity. Last night my daughter went to church and her teacher sent home a packet that will help guide me. I thought that was nice of her to think about me. I will spend some time today going over it. I need to catch up on housework today. I have been finding myself stuck on this computer all day and just surface cleaning I need to stop doing that. Have a great day!!!


Shirla said...

I hate folding clothes period! LOL I have a clothes hamper in my bedroom that has three sections. I put our everyday wearing clothes in one section, our towels in another and darks and clothes that I don't put in the dryer in the other. I'll look around in my recipe files, I might have my Mama's spaghetti recipe, if I find it I'll send it to you, it is the best I've ever eaten and I'm sure it is an easy recipe, because my Mama was such a simple cook, she didn't do a lot of fancy stuff or things with a million ingredients.

Sue said...

I understand about being new to the Bible. I have been a Christian for 18 years and I still need help with the Word. What a blessing you have. I pray that the Lord will give you wisdom and understanding to his Word. I will say it has not been easy to be a Christian. But it is the best thing. I know where I am going when I leave this world. I will keep you and your family in prayers.

Elizabeth said...

I am happy that you are finding peace with God. Yes Democrats and Liberals can be Christians, and mostly they are. But liberals put the constitution first when it comes to how our country should be governed. I love Jesus and accept him as my lord and savior, but I also know that God has blessed humans with free will. When I was 16 and became pregnant I was grateful to live in a land where I had the freedom to make the choice for myself. God knows that we are not perfect and situations will arise that will test us. I am 100% pro-choice, but the choice to have an abortion is not one that I would make and so I had became a teen mother. The thought of terminating something that was produced from my very own dna was not something I could live with. I feel I would have to answer to God one day and try to explain why I killed his creation. I would rather face the all the negative remarks from everyone I knew and change the course of my future in a very real way rather than deal with the sadness and guilt that would always live with me in the back of my heart. However!!!! That's me! Why can't we allow each woman in this country with the right to decide for herself and not have to face criminal prosecution or dangerous back alley abortions that could kill her? I think Christian groups who are so opposed to a woman's right to decide would be more effective if they concentrated on reaching out to people who are already pregnant and thinking of an abortion. Set up free pregnancy testing clinics and then offer alternative choices to abortion. If they fail at least God knows they had a good heart. The girl who gets the abortion will answer to a high power someday. I don't think it's murder though. Not before a certain point. If the baby is past 20 weeks, I don't think abortion should be allowed because babies can be saved now as early as 22 weeks. If the baby is viable outside the womb then the abortion shouldn't be allowed. If they need to take the baby out in order to save the mother's life, then all attempts to save the baby's life should be made, even if the mother didn't want the baby. I am flat out against partial birth abortion. If a doctor has to kill a crying baby upon removal from the womb, then it's murder

Anonymous said...

Im sorry i didn't mean to upset you. I had never reserched it either until lastnight.Very disturbing,but we can't hide our heads as Christians.This is real and what our world is about. It happens every second.
April came by a few minutes ago an as I held little Keller it brought tears to my eyes to think of the ones not given a chance to live.