Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Good Afternoon, It took me a little bit to get to my computer. After I took my little girl to school I snuggled up on the couch and watched two movies. The first movie was "Kings Row" from 1942 with Ronald Regean in it. I think he was a good actor. Then I watched "Driving Miss Daisy" I love this movie. Yesterday at the library I looked for the book that Kathi recommended, the only copy they had was in spanish. I think I will try " The book exchange" tomorrow.
I guess I should do some house work, so far I've only changed the bedding. I need to mop the floors, maybe I will make some "monkey crunch". I need to read my Bible lesson for the week also. Have a nice day ladies!


Anonymous said...

You are very smart! The large one is a cake plate and the small one I thought she could use as a cheese ball stand.

Shirla said...

I love Monkey Munch! I also love the movie Driving Mrs Daisy.
I just read your comments on my blog and that is funny that I look like a Mom from your daughters school. I have been mistaken for a City Council member here in Richmond, VA. The first time was in the rest room of a minor league hockey game, a woman came up to me and said she supported me and was behind me 100%. I looked her like she was crazy because I had NO idea what she was talking about. lol She then had to explain to me what she was talking about.

Shirla said...

You asked me if I could tell you how to make good mash potatoes. I don't have a recipe I just dump stuff in. lol I peel my potatoes,then slice them kind of thick, boil until done with a little but of salt in the water. Then I drain the water, put butter or margarine, salt and pepper and a little milk and either mix with a mixer or my potato masher. I have also mixed them up in my Kitchen Aid stand up mixer when I am cooking for a large group. My Mama made the best mash potatoes and I can sometimes get mine to taste like hers, but more often then not they don't taste like hers. She used to warm the milk a little in the microwave oven before adding it to the potatoes and she also at times she use a little bit of the water that she boiled the potatoes when she mashed the potatoes, she didn't measure, she just poured a little of the water into the potatoes and then she would mash then.