Friday, September 19, 2008


I went to my son's school last night and I was very pleased with his government teacher, she is teaching the students to learn facts and make their own choices but most important to understand why they choose what they do. I liked her alot. She told me that she would never push her own politcal views on a student or anyone for that matter. My son's literature teacher is very impressed with him. All of his teachers said he is a good student so I am very happy. I think Im going to enroll in a class or two at the community college. Im pretty bored when my kids are at school and I want to learn so my brain doesn't continue to turn to mush.
My husband is a truck driver and for the past three months has been a student trainer . He will take a student with him each time he goes back out on the road and they live together on the truck and my husband teaches them. Well when my husband left 2 weeks ago he picked up a student named Ron who was an older man. They traveled from Brooks, Oregon to Layton, Utah together then Ron unexpectedly had to go back home to Fresno, CA to sign some papers so my husband got a new student. This morning my hubby recieved a call from his dispatcher that Ron had passed away alone in his truck yesterday. It's very sad and if that unexpected thing did not intervene my hubby would have been the one to find Ron. They say God only gives you what you can handle and Justin (my husband) would not have been able to handle that. My prayers go out to Ron's family. I wont go into details but when Justin told me he was getting an older student I had a premonition that this was going to happen.
Have a blessed day ladies


Shirla said...

How sad. I firmly believe things happen for a reason and with you saying your husband would not have been about to handle that, Ron being called away like that as sad as it is was a blessing (I'm not sure how to word it, and I hope you know what I'm trying to say. Sometimes words don't come easy for me). Ron's family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

You go girl on taking some classes! I sometimes think about doing that, but I'm scared of failing. :x Do you know what type of class you would like to take?

Elizabeth said...

That's sad about Ron dying.I hope it was instant and he didn't have the realization that he was in the process of leaving Earth forever. I happen to be against partial-birth abortions. If a baby is viable outside of the womb, I see no reason whatsoever why it should be killed. I can't even imagine the reasons why this happens. If it's to save the life of the mother then why can't they save the life of the baby as well? I think abortion should be a legal option up to a certain point. I think 16 weeks is really pushing it, but in extreme cases where the child is horribly deformed or diseased and the parents just found out about it, then I can see why it could happen at 16 weeks. When I was pregnant with Lily and I found out that I had the cystic fibrosis gene I was 12 weeks pregnant. The next step was getting Jason's blood to see if he had the gene. It took 2 weeks for us to even find that info out. Thank God, he didn't have it. But if he did, the next step was for an amnio to see if Lily had the disease. That would have taken at least another week, which would put me at 15 weeks. I was freaking out because I knew I had to act fast if she had the disease. I had already fell in the love with her, but if she had it, I was going to have an abortion. This will sound cruel to so many people. Thousands of people live a pretty good life with cystic fibrosis, but it is a fatal disease. Life expectancy is 32 years. Most people experience a very painful life full of medical procedures and hospital stays. No cure on the horizon. Plus she would have to grow up knowing that she has a death sentence hanging over her head. I'm 32 and if someone told me that I was going to die by the time I was 35 I would wish that I had never even existed rather than know that I am leaving this world and everyone I love to face the uncertainty of death alone. I don't think that's a life worth living. Would you really want to live in a country that would take that choice I had to make for myself away? It's not something I took lightly. I had Ellie at 16 even though I found out I was pregnant at 7 weeks and could have had an abortion. I'm pro-choice, but that's not my choice. Both sets of parents suggested that I should. With Lily, I was sobbing for the two weeks it took before I knew we were safe. I just knew it was the right choice for me. At 14 weeks a baby isn't viable outside the womb so I don't think thats "murder". It is something that is between a woman and her god. God will deal with her as he sees fit in the after-life. However, partial birth abortions should be illegal because the baby is a fully-formed human being that can draw air into it's lungs. The government has the job to protect the rights of the living.

Shirla said...

I just read you comment on my blog and I'm glad to call you my blog friend. {{{hugs to you}}}

Sue said...

In response to hearing God's voice... you were asking is it a voice or a feeling? I feel sometimes it can be both. Your situation I feel that was a feeling. The Lord was teaching you to get up and not have a lazy spirit. If you dig deep into the Word and have a prayer life you Will hear His voice. You are still in my prayers.
Have a Blessed Day!!

Julieann said...

Oh, I am so sorry to hear about Ron!!

On another note though--Your husband must have quite an exciting job, traveling everywhere--I have driven across the country quite a few times and always enjoyed it--we always stopped at little MOM and Pop places---

As for going back to school, I think that is awesome---I so loved school--and would love to return one day:)

I am glad you had a good meeting at your son's school--Our back to school night is next week:)

Happy Weekend!


T said...

Oh, I am so very sorry to hear about Ron. Very very sad.

Congratulations on deciding to go back to school. That is no small thing. I am sure you will do fine.

Kathi said...

I'm sorry to hear about about Ron. It is a good thing that your husband did not find him. God knows. Kathi