Thursday, September 25, 2008


Today will be a good day! I have all my housework done already and I'm just waiting for noon to roll around so I can go pick up my hubby. The window men are her finishing up so me and the dogs are locked in the room, oh and my baby cat, she's not really a baby anymore she is now 13 months old.
So I live in a fourplex and I have the upstair unit. & months ago the owner of the building came to me and told me that he is going to retire and move to Mexico and asked me if I would be interested in managing this building. I said yes and since then I have been going to monthly homeowner meetings, they give seminars on managing property and how to handle tenants and so on. Tonight I have to go to the meeting, it's a banquet then a lecture. The good thing about this agreement is my rent will be lowered, and I pretty much will just have to collect rent from the other three tenants and keep up the lanscape. I can do that:) The owner who lives below me will be leaving and I will have his downstairs with a huge backyard. I use the backyard now for my dogs but I am looking forward to making it my own.
I'm going to make sphagetti for dinner with salad and garlic bread, my hubby requested this meal. I will skip the dinner at the meeting and eat with my hubby:)
Have a blessed day!!!


Julieann said...

How exciting---I was a property manager for about 5 years--I LOVED IT!!!

Your hubby is coming home today?? That is wonderful:)

I love the name *GEORGE*--I can't wait to see him.


T said...

Thia all sounds great! Glad to hear your hubby will be home today!

Congratulations on the property management job, that sounds perfect for you.

Enjoy your day, and supper with hubby.

Kathi said...

Wonderful Mrs. Ruiz. You are such a great wife. Eating with our husbands keeps us close. I'm so glad your husband will be home. I know you've missed him.

Hugs, Kathi