Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Im always looking for new and different dinner ideas that are inexpensive and some what easy. Tonight I took beef kalbasa, yukon gold potatoes, red onion, green bellpepper, and mushrooms and cooked in a pan with a little bit of olive oil, garlic salt and pepper. Usually I bake this but didn't want to turn the oven on, it's quite warm here. I just was looking for something to do with beef kabalsa one day and this is what I came up with. I think it's pretty good, served with a salad. Tomorrow night me and Avery (thats my daughter) will go to Arbys' where my son Ian is working and eat there, I hope we dont embarass him. I just want to see him working, Im very proud of him. His first job was at the county fair this summer, he was working a game booth but on the third day he decided that he didn't want to wear someone elses shirt that stunk of body odor so he walked off the job. I could understand his point but he did not handle the situation correctly so I was disappointed. He seems to like this job and for that I am relieved and happy.
I should have been paying attention when my husband showed me how to upload pictures from the camera to the computer now I have to wait untill October 3rd. LOL oh well.


Shirla said...

About the water logged mash potatoes...I cook mine to long sometime and the same thing happens to me. I can remember Mama cutting her potatoes up and putting them in the pan of water with a lid, sitting the pot on top of the stove and going off to church. She would cook them when she returned home from church and they would cook while she was changing out of her church clothes and then finishing up the rest of the dinner(we always call the Sunday meal dinner even though it was eaten at lunch time. lol)

Julieann said...

I am so glad you are going to try the poppers--they came out excellent----and yay on your hubby coming home on October 3rd---it seems like a long time but hopefully the time will fly by:) Kevin used to go away on business a lot when we were in Georgia--

Thank you for such nice comments on my blog--and also, about the monkey crunch--isn't that stuff yummy!!