Monday, September 15, 2008


Another week has past. Yippee, that means only 18 more days untill hubby comes home. I had fun last night at the church social, im even going to go to the womens bible study tonight. My son has to work so I will have to take Avery with me, she can listen and color. I think I'm going to get dress and head over to Starbucks and get a mocha. I normally dont drink coffee but I need some energy to tackle my childrens weekend mess. My daughter told me that her teacher said that saying the Pledge Of Allegience more than once a week was against the law. I will be looking into this on open house night. When I was a kid we said it every morning before we did anything else. Have a happy Monday. PS. Those are 2 of my babies, Mia is the dog and Baby cat is my kitty


Shirla said...

I asked my grandson over the weekend if they said the Pledge Of Allegiance at his school and he said yes, I asked him if they said it every day and he said yes. He goes to a public school.
Your fur babies are so cute!

T said...

I am so sorry, you posted a comment about my feral Grady, I acidently rejected it before I even read it. I did not mean to reject it, please feel free to repost it if you would like. SORRY!

Shirla said...

My kids and husband gave me my Yorkie to me for my birthday in March. It was a wonderful surprise because I have been wanting a Yorkie for a long time. I wanted a girl so I could dress her in the cute little dresses, she HATES to have clothes on, so I cant dress her. She also hates bows in her hair! :(

T said...

Great pictures of the furkids! I always like seeing cats and dogs together.

It is so sad what this country is becoming that we can not say the Pledge Of Allegiance in school. Wow! Is it up to each individual school or state, I wonder?
Enjoy your evening.

Kathi said...

I hope you enjoy your Bible study Mrs. Ruiz. That mocha sounds great. Wish I could have one. I'm allergic to milk.

I forgot to ask about the pledge. I'll do it this week. Enjoy your evening. Kathi

Anonymous said...

Will you send me the site. There are so many not sure which one.