Wednesday, February 4, 2009

wordless Wednesday with words:)

So yesterday I went to do laundry and someone either left a red crayon in the dryer or Avery had one in her pocket. An entire load of clothes were ruined with red melted crayon. I guess I need to be more careful and check the dryers and the pockets. I have decided that my kids are old enough to turn their clothes right side in and check their own pockets. So for now on every night before laundry day the two of them will sit and sort their clothes:) Problem solved, hopefully. Justin is laid over in Minnesota today taking his 36 hour re-start. I plan on just cuddling up on the couch and chatting with him all day. I was finally able to catch up on shopping and cleaning yesterday. I just had to run outside and take the garbage can to the street he was at the house next door and my son didn't do it last night like I asked. Im out of breath. Good thing I heard him coming. Anyways I do have meats to seperate and vacum seal. I will get that done sometime today. I think I will cook a pork roast for dinner tonight and then we will go to church. Avery has Missionettes tonight. I have a few awards to collect and post and a purse game to play. I have not forgotten I made a note and it is right here on my desk:) Have a positive blessed day :)))


DayPhoto said...

You sound like you are doing some better. It will take weeks for the bite to finally leave. You will not be able to pop it, it won't pop. It will just hurt and hurt and hurt. Heat seemed to help. And the drugs for infection.

Hang in there.


T said...

Hang in there Dana! Good for you to get the kids involved in sorting their own clothes and checking the pockets! I still have to check hubbies!LOL.

Glad to know Kooders surgery went well. Let me know how the others do when their time comes too.

Make sure you finish all your antibiotics!!

Sweet Nothings said...

That's such a bummer about the crayon on the clothes! I've had incidents like that before with pens in pockets, etc. It's definitely a good thing to check pockets!

Have a great night at church!


Celticspirit said...

I've had the crayon thing happen to me when my kids were little. I think I did get it out of some things by washing numerous times.

I hope you had fun talking to Justin today.

Pork roast sounds good. How do you cook yours?

Anonymous said...

I went back and read the Lemon muffin. I do see you in much of these.Some of the things that have happened in your life keep you from believing in you! Im so proud of what who you have become just since I met you.

The Mind of a Mom said...

Oh the garbage thing is huge for us! We are only allowed one bag of garbage per household so if we missed the truck we would be in a whole mess of trouble!

My two leave kleenex in their pockets all the time even after I have told them for a zillion times check your pockets, but I'll take kleenex over crayon any time!

Have a wonderful evening