Monday, February 9, 2009

8 days left:)

Yay another week has begun:) Last night I was cooking a pork loin roast on a Pyrex dish and on my way out to go to church I checked it and the meat was looking like it was going to burn so I turned the hot water on to get some water to pour into the pan and apparently the water was cold and I poured it and the entire dish exploded and broke to pieces. I'm lucky it did not shatter into my face. It is not first time I poured cold water on to a hot Pyrex dish. The first time I didn't know better this time was carelessness. Now I have to go buy a new one. Last night at church I finally gave my quitting smoking testimony. I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. I just felt like it wasn't about my nerves it was about giving God praise for what he did for me when I couldn't do it for myself and neither could anything else. I power walked two miles this morning. I really want to try and go for three. Now I'm just cleaning around the house, I might go do laundry. I'm curious what you ladies do for Valentines day. One year and only one Justin bought me diamond earring's. After that it has been chocolate and a teddy bear. I don't want stuffed animals I tell him. I want a bracelet this year but I wont get it. We really have never been the romantic type. I would like to but he wouldn't. He better take me out for dinner when he comes home. I have to tell him what to do, he wont initiate it. I always just buy myself presents and say "thanks baby". Oh well I still love him:))) He is getting books from me:) I know real romantic. He likes to read:) Okay ladies I'm off to putter around the house. I have to check on my foster kitten.


Anonymous said...

Im sorry about your dish. e all have done this one time or another.
I also wont to say im sorry about your bean mix. It is all I can do to get dressed and out of bed. m working so hard on it. I will get it to you if you still want it.
My hubby is a great provider and always supplies my needs,but romantic he isn't.
One time when he came home I had a nice meal fixed on a small table in our bedroom and dessert. He didn't know how to act. One thing I did he liked was fix a coupon book with things I knew he loved. For example rent a movie your choice,your favorite meal on me,dessert of your choice. You know what he likes. I you will have to make it because all the ones in the store are so Ungodly and all about sex.
I really wish you would get the book Power of a praying wife. It has helped so many marriages.

DayPhoto said...

I have never had a valentine...but after 42 years of marriage I guess that is just fine. He does so many other things that are wonderful, a chocolate heart just would not match up.

Let us know how your leg is and what is going on. I am more than a bit worried about you.


Sharon said...

What a bummer about your dish! Oh my goodness, I wouldn't have expected that at all. I'm glad you didn't get hurt. How wonderful that you gave your testimony! I am sure that you touched many people's lives! That's awesome!

We usually just have a quiet romantic dinner somewhere, this year with money being tight, it might just be a steak cooked at home! He usually gives me a card and roses and I usually give him a card and candy.

xox Sharon