Friday, February 6, 2009

my recent rewards and a game

This lovely award is from my friend Linda she honored me with this for having a great attitude and grattitude. Thanks Linda. I would like all my friends to pick up this award, everyone deserves it:)
My friend Barbara awarded me this because I am fabulous:) Im supposed to list 5 addictions but really cant think of any thing besides chocolate, cookies, cupcakes, cake and cho. milk. Those would be my 5 addictions. If you are reading this consider this award yours. I think everyone who reads my blog is also fabulous. I truly do mean that:)

I was tagged by my friend Toni " the mind of a mom" to play this purse game. I was supposed to show the contents of my purse and share the cost and where I bought my purse and then tag some friends to play along. I bought this purse at Walmart and paid $13.99 and that is actually clean for my purse. It usually has about 50 reciepts in it and I can never find anything.I cleaned out my purse 2 nights before I was tagged to play this game. If you are visiting my blog then consider yourself tagged:)


Celticspirit said...

Oh jeeze, I'd be way to embarassed to share the contents of my purse, it is way too messy! I have those 50 receipts in there. The purse I'm using right now, I've had for years. It's a Tommy Hilfigger (sp?)black leather and I bought it when I still lived in NM and that's been over 5 years ago but I think I got it years before that. I do remember that I bought it one clearance but not how much I paid.

Sweet Nothings said...

Thanks Dana! I will play the game soon!

Jane said...

That's a neat game. I have tons of stuff in my bag as well, which also doubles as a book bag for school and travel bag. Horrors.