Saturday, February 7, 2009

10 more days

I'm counting down the days, it seems to help them go by faster. We have girls scouts this morning and after that I'm taking Avery and the other two girls I babysit to the Build A Bear to all get an animal. Avery's is a valentine gift and the other girls both have birthdays this month so I'm getting them gifts. I'm having alot of problems with Avery and her behavior. She is mean and her attitude is ugly. I understand that it is hard to share your moms attention but if I wasn't babysitting she would be begging for these two girls to come over and play. My leg is now purple and I made an appointment for Tuesday with my doctor to discuss this vertigo. It is messing with my eyes. I will visit later I have 3 bickering girls to attend to. have happy Saturday:)


Celticspirit said...

Build A Bear sounds fun. About the girls you ever watch that show Super Nanny with Nanny Jo and how she disciplines the kids? She has some great ideas on how to handle fighting. Just a suggestion. I hope your leg is ok. Good luck at the doctor.

The Mind of a Mom said...

Hey Mrs.Ruiz
Oh we LOVE build-a-bear!! I hope they found amazing new friends :o)
I hope everything goes okay with the doc!
Have a great rest of your weekend

Peggy said...

How old is the kitten Dana? If its not weaned you can get kitten formula at walmart really cheap. Its with cat supplies. If its old enough to eat I would feed it some warm milk with catfood mixed in. Give it a bowl of water with a little sugar for added energy booster if its weak.