Monday, February 16, 2009

Good results

this is my husband making dinner last night, he was a bit intoxicated and insisted that he would do better job than me
I just returned from getting my ultra sound results and they showed nothing but an enlarged uterus, no fibroids. I still don't know what she felt to order the ultra sound in the first place. She decided to put me on birth control pills to help with my periods. I had to have a blood test before she does to make sure I'm not a genetic carrier for blood clotting, my mom had this problem. In the past 18 months I have had many different procedures to try and figure out where my pain comes from, still no answers. They just give me pain pills. I can make 20 pills last 4 months so I know I'm not getting dependant on them. Here is our plan, birth control pills, Mirena IUD, uterus ablation scrapping the lining) and the last resort is a hysterectomy. Or I just deal with horrible periods. Okay that's enough about myself. I'm going to go visit all of you ladies now before Justin gets back on the computer:))


T said...

AW Dana, so glad the results came back and no fibroids!

Hang in there girl, and just keep your chin up!

Celticspirit said...

That's great that you are getting your problems all under control. So how did hubby's dinner come out? That's a nice picture of him.

Anonymous said...

We have got to get you that book I mentioned. I am going to start praying for your hubby=)
Wreaths are not hard. Look at some on comp. and send me a picture and I will help by telling you what you need and how to do it if you need help.
Love you, Brenda

Jane said...

I am glad that they did not find any fibroids as well. Heavy periods are no fun! Thankfully, I have all of that behind me now, and I guess, I can look forward to new adventures that come on the other side of the monthly even!