Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Nascar opening race day!!

before frosting, they have a cream cheese filling

I really don't care if this is the opening race day:) Justin does so we have to watch it. Justin did a good job picking out a gift for me. Usually he just says " go buy yourself something" this year he asked the ladies in the office for some tips and here is what he bought for me, 3 candles, 2 picture frames and he hand picked each chocolate in a heart shaped box. I think he did a good job. Avery gave me pink tulips and a heart shaped balloon and my son gave me nothing:) I made cupcakes and the cupcakes themselves were delicious but I had to go and ruin them with cream cheese frosting. It was too much cream cheese. I'm going to make another batch tomorrow and use chocolate frosting just like Kath recommends. Today I'm making an apple pie with frozen pie crust and 2 cans of apple pie filling :) For dinner we are having lasagna, french bread and salad. Justin wants spinach cooked into the lasagna. I skipped church this morning:( I feel guilty.

I hope everyone has a wonderful blessed Sunday!!!


Jane said...

Your dinner sounds great! I personally don't think that you can ever have too much cream cheese in frosting, but then again, chocolate just might take a front seat for frosting on cupcakes. Enjoy your meal!


Celticspirit said...

Nice gifts. As for the cupcakes I used to make some very similar to those. But I did not frost them, I just gave them a dusting of powered sugar and they were yummy. The ones I made had chocolate chips in the cream cheese so no frosting was needed.

Anonymous said...

that is so sweet. Im glad he is home. Tell him im sorry about the bean soup and will be sending something extra and hope he understands.