Saturday, February 28, 2009

What a mess!

Oh my gosh my house is a mess, well it's not that bad. I was cursed with the "curse" a week early and it just knocked me on my butt. I was busy yesterday trying to get laundry done but when I arrived at the laundry mat the sign on the door read, " closed due to a flood" so I decided to go to Walmart and pick up some flowers for the young girls accident site. I bought her roses. I then relapsed on my impulsive buying that I was going to tame. I bought my nieces each an article of clothing for Easter and I bought Avery and outfit. I left walmart and placed the roses on the pole where they memorialized Sherry's death. I went home and had the worst cramps but could only take Motrin. I have narcotic pain pills for my cramps but knew I would be needing to drive so I only took 3 800mg motrin on an empty stomach. Dumb idea. I was sick all day and night with nausea. After school we had cookie booth sales. I had to endure the pain and sit in the freezing cold. We came home after picking up pizza ( another impulse buy). I shivered for three hours. I had on 2 layers of clothing, two blankets and the heater up to 76 but could not get warm. I took one of my pain pills and still got no relief. It was a horrible night. Then at 11pm Miss Avery came into my room with the thermometer with a temp of 101.3. She had her friend staying the night so I decided to put Ave in bed with me so the little girl would not catch whatever Ave has. This morning at 9am I took Melissa (Ave's friend) to the booth sales, she substituted for Avery. Now I'm back at home, her temp is higher and her throat has white pus on it. Tomorrow Ian my son was supposed to attend church with us for the first time. All week at church I was boasting about my son finally coming with us. Now with Ave sick and no other family in this state to watch her we will all have to miss church. I think the devil had something to do with this. he wants to keep Ian in his snares. I'm committed to another booth sale tonight so I am going to borrow another girl scout to sit in Ave's place. Avery doesn't get the credit. She is 4 boxes shy of 100, selling 100 will earn her a special badge. a sweet g-ma that runs the cookie booth said she will make sure Ave gets those 4 boxes. I don't want to buy anymore, I already bought 18 boxes but I will if I have to. So this has been my life for the past 24 hours. The kitty is doing great but I don't think I will be letting her go, she is to sweet to toss back outside. I will post her on Craig's list. She is free to a good home and already spayed and vaccinated, she should be placed easily. Well I better go take my daughter to the doctors. Thanks for reading this long post:)


Anonymous said...

Girl you have been having it. Im so sorry to hear Ave is sick. I hope all gets better.Please let us know.

Jane said...

What a time you are having! I hope that Ave is better soon. You take care of yourself - we all need to have a cup of cyber tea soon!


Celticspirit said...

Is Avery any better? That was sweet of you to bring those flowers to the memorial and I'm sure her family will appreciate it.
I hope today is a much better day for you. Try to fit some relaxation into your day. :)

Peace and blessings to you Dana.