Thursday, February 19, 2009

sore throat:(

My throat is hurting today and I have just been resting and eating soup. I hope it doesn't get worse. I will visit each of you and then post more tomorrow. Thanks for all the sweet compliments of Avery. I think maybe my presence at the banquet made her uncomfortable sense no other mom's were there:( And maybe the lace frilly socks and pigtails were to babyish for an almost 9 year old.


Anonymous said...

Our bunch is sick too. I hope you feel better too.

T said...

Oh, get rest, and don't get sick. I hope this doesn't last. Remember when I didn't blog in Dec for couple of weeks being sick. Oh goodness, I actually never got any better, it has been almost 3 months, and I still fight congestion, and a cough.

Please take care.

Jane said...

Feel better soon!!!!