Thursday, February 26, 2009

Busy day today

No time to be depressed today. I now know where my depression was coming from. I guess now I'm on a 3 week cycle:( After church last night I went and picked up the GS cookies. I ate a box minus 3 so that's 12 tagalongs I ate last night. I'm a pig. I have no self control when it's " that time". And who wants to walk when you have cramps that resemble labor pains. No thank you! I dont want to cook dinner either but with the economy scare I have decided to stop my impulsive spending.

Before church I went outside to feed the homeless cats and I noticed this female that I have been wanting to catch, she was being followed by all the boys so I know babies were soon to follow and I don't need more babies to worry about. She was from a litter this summer that was abandoned and I have been watching her and her siblings grow, anyways i caught her!! With my hands:) i stuck her in the bathroom and made her an appointment for this morning and she is now spayed, vaccinated, de-flead and ears cleaned. She was in heat so they want her to stay in my house for 2 weeks:( I will try and keep her that long. I'm so happy I caught her, I was feeling bad about not being equipped to do more for these cats. I did it and I'm proud of my accomplishment


T said...

You should be very proud! Thank you for letting me know through email.

You have done so good Dana, so so good. I am very proud of you and all your efforts and your caring heart. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping the homeless cats. Harry thanks you. She is beautiful!

You know how important the strays are to me, and this made my day!!

Anonymous said...

I started too and being sick with it makes me double Trouble.Great job for the cat.

Anonymous said...

That is sweet of you,but I still owe you. I can't do that. I hope to feel like going to shop tomorrow and get the stuff for your soup.

Sharon said...

Wow, you are an angel to do all those things for those cats. You are truly amazing.

God bless you,


Jane said...

Hi Dana,

Don;t beat yourself too hard over GS cookies - they are addictive and hard to put down. Thank you for looking after the stray - the world needs more people like you, cookies and all!


Celticspirit said...

What a caring, giving person you are....a true Angel on Earth.

Don't worry too much about eating those cookies. Guilt is a useless emotion.

Cute kitty picture. What is that top picture supposed to be? The one that says Harry?