Wednesday, February 25, 2009


That's how I feel. I'm depressed and trying to fight my way out of it. I just walked a mile hoping my body would release those happy chemicals. American Idol was not on last night, maybe because Oblama was speaking:( He is always talking but never says anything. I get to pick up the girl scout cookies tonight. Just in time for PMS. I can eat them all then be even more depressed. Maybe some retail therapy will help. Have a happy Wednesday!!!


Peggy said...

now back away from those cookies! LOL I have been depressed for a couple of weeks. I am hoping spring will bring a change for the better. I am afraid to spend any money right now with the way the economy is going. William's work has slowed down alot so I am trying to save as much as I can incase things get worse

T said...

Oh Dana, I just read your comment!! I am SOOOO VERY PROUD of you!!!

Do as you said, Keep everything and everyone seperate! Good going on the early morning appt!!

You have my email, so let me know how everything goes!!


Jane said...

Good morning,

This must be the season for depression! I know that everyone's money as so tight, and that does not help one's spirits. As Peggy said, she is afraid to spend, and I am right there with her!


Anonymous said...

Wish I was there. I would eat a box with you!I am really depressed too. Being sick and alone makes me miss my mom so bad.
As for the clothes and shoes let me tell you this. If there is a magazine that has a style or something you really like and it cost to much this is a great way to help save money and it is fun. Cut out some pictures of clothing,shoes and purses and jewels to match.Tape or glue in a notebook.Now let the hunt began...go to your cheaper stores they always have a cheaper version of the latest style. If you like capris go to Salvation Army they always have bright pretty ones cheap.Most look unworn.Then go find your shirt and shoes to match.Freds if you have one usually carries bright,cute sandals.Make this a game and have fun with your money. Also something I have done is buy a tan grass purse and pick up colorful scarves on sale and tie them to the handle to match the different outfits.Goodluck sweetie.