Sunday, February 22, 2009

this and that Sunday chat:)

Look at these dogs, they are bed hogs
Good morning everyone:) Thanks so much for your kind words and sweet thoughts. It is nice knowing that I can share a situation on my blog and receive wonderful support from caring women:) Today is another busy day, we already had McDonalds for breakfast, I just love the pancakes they have. At 9:30 we go to church and that is for 3 hours, then after church we have girl scout cookie booth sales. It is cold and rainy today and we sit outside and sale cookies. Our booth today is in front of Walgreens, that's not a very busy spot:( I still have to go get the flea medicine, I never made it to the pet store yesterday. I found out yesterday that in March our troop is going camping at the lodge for 3 days and 2 nights. It will be fun, it is very pretty up at the lodge. I'm excited about this trip. Last year I wasn't an assistant troop leader so I didn't stay the night at camp, I would just drive back every morning to be a part of the hikes:) I like breaking the different poops open to see what the animals are eating, then we can tell what kind of animals they are. I know it sounds gross but it's really not. When I was little we would camp at Mt. Lassen in CA. and my uncles taught me to do that. Anyways, I must get ready for church. have a great day ladies!!!


Peggy said...

Have a wonderful Sunday and try to stay warm!

Anonymous said...

Breakfast sounds yummy. If I were near you id buy cookies.

Celticspirit said...

Good luck on the cookie sales and I hope it doesn't rain on you too much. Have a blessed day.

Jane said...

I bought two boxes of Girl Scout cookies the other day - they were great. It has been awhile since I had bought any. Have a great Monday,


Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Breakfast at McDs is a dream come true for my kids! The boys love the pancakes.
Hope you had good sales and not too much rain. I hadnt bought girl scout cookies for years!