Sunday, February 8, 2009

this and that chit chat:)

My friend Barbara presented me with this award and I want to pass it on to all my friends. Thanks Barbara:)
Avery fluffing her new Build a Bear yesterday. She picked the Highschool Musical one.

My leg is looking good. The bruised coloring is almost gone and it is starting to itch. I guess I will never really know what it was. My vertigo is still bad, I have made another doctor appointment for Tuesday with my regular doctor. My vision is being affected by this "vertigo". I also have my ultrasounds on Thursday. Last night as I was leaving to pick Ave up at her friends I noticed a little kitten in the cat house I have on my porch. She is so bony she was starving and smelled so bad like fish and car grease. I have never seen her before or any kittens her age. She is about 4 months maybe 3. I brought her in and gave her food and water and a bath, I also de-wormed her. Justin says I cant keep her:( I will take her to the vet hopefully tomorrow for vaccines. Ians girlfriend said she wants her but cant take her until she get's her own place in a couple of months. I will foster her until then. Avery named her Roxy and I added the Bo Boxy so her name is Roxy Bo Boxy. (9 more days until my honey comes home. Avery's GS troop is having a father/daughter banquet on the 17th. I hope I will be picking him up in time so he can go. He usually doesn't attend anything so getting him to agree to do this is really a big deal:) It will make such an important memory for Avery. I better get going, I have to get ready for church. Have a blessed Sunday!!!


Jane said...

Hi Mrs. Ruiz,

Thanks for your comments! I wish you the best in getting help with Vertigo. I had it one time many years ago and as you know, it is terrible! I can't remember what they did for me, but whatever it was, it worked.

Build A Bear is the best! I built one last year and dressed him up in Western wear in honor of my trip to Yellowstone. Tell your husband to give my regards to the bears in Yellowstone and be careful driving!


The Mind of a Mom said...

Ohhh Roxy Bo boxy! How cute!!
We had that happen with The girl and her dad, he never went to her stuff so one time when she had an open house for her cooking class and he came with us, the teacher turned around and said, "Oh I didn't know there was a dad" ... LoL

Shirla said...

HEY Dana! The sick bug has struck my house. :( Wednesday I had Wesley here, he had been sick, but was feeling a little better. Tina called and had to get Carter out of school because he was running a low grade fever and was having to bring him over to stay until she was done work. Keith came home from work sick about 10am. Keith went right to bed and basically stayed in bed until Saturday. I started with a fever Thursday night and don't remember much of anything about Thursday night and all day Friday! My son Matt came home from work Friday sick and he slept 12 hours straight! My other son Eric has also been sick. but I don't think he has what we had, his is more like a cold, ours is more like the flu, we ran fevers he didn't. Keith says he will be able to go to work tomorrow (Monday). I hope to get to feeling better so I can start blogging again, I miss it and I miss reading all the blogs on my list too.

Celticspirit said...

You have such a soft heart for the animals Dana. Do you think you'll be able to give this kitten up?

That's great that your leg is getting better. Now you just have to work on recovering from the vertigo. I hope you get over it soon.

Take care.

Denyse said...

Oh you poor dear! I so feel your pain. I am recovering from a mystery illness myself that has left me reeling and unable to drive or even walk a straight line. I agree that looks like a spider bite...but does vertigo usually accompany that? Take care and I'll be praying for a speedy recovery :)