Thursday, February 12, 2009

I wonder why.......

My cat always watching me do the dishes
Every time I begin to sweep my floors my cats come flying out of nowhere to watch and I think help. When I change my sheets those cats do the same thing, they come running in my room and jump on the bed. Do they think they are helping me? Why when I flush the toilet Kooders jumps on the toilet to watch the water and try to catch it. I love my cats they are very entertaining. Last night Kooders carried a pencil around the living room, dropped it into a blanket and buried it. He then spent the next 30 minutes looking for his pencil. He is a funny boy.
I just returned from my horrible ultra sound and now I have to wait until Monday for the results. I think Justin is planning on coming home Sunday instead of Tuesday. That would be nice. He is picking up a load in San Jose, CA and headed up north so he will be passing through our town and I will be able to meet him at the truck stop for a little visit:) I'm off to have lunch with the ladies from church, have a wonderful day:)))
I forgot to add that the ultra sound yesterday that I drank all the water for then drove 40 miles round trip was actually today:)

UPDATE::::: I will be picking up Justin on Saturday, he just called and told me that he is taking his time off early:) So everything I was planning on doing like house cleaning, laundry, clean car and shopping this weekend I now have to do it tomorrow. I also have a valentine feast at my son's school to attend. This is the first valentine in years we have spent together. YAY!! Im so happy I have waited a long time to see him:)))


Anonymous said...

I hope things go good with ultra sound. I know your excited about your honey coming home.

Celticspirit said...

Your kitties sound very amusing and fun. :) I hope you get good results from the ultrasound. What are they looking for?