Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday: laundry day

My son took these pictures yesterday

looking for squirrels

Its blurry, but they are playing

Biscuit stalking his siter

Babies palying in the backyard

Im running late on posting for the day, I dont like it when I have to wait to read my friends blogs. I like doing that right when I wake up:)) I already went and did laundry, cleaned kitchen and the bathroom. I need to go outside and finish picking up the leaf piles. It's a nice sunny day, still only 60 degrees. The rain is due to return on Thursday:) so I should take care of the leafs before then. Justin is going back to Utah to pick up another student. I hope this one is a success. I know it is not a reflection of Justins capability in training, just bad luck. This is a blessing and will help towards Christmas:) Last time I made ham and beans I froze half of them, so thats what we are having for dinner tonight. I hope they defrost well and taste the same.

The gutters need to be cleaned also but I think I better wait for Justin to help me with that. If I fall and get hurt who will be the mom.

Juliann awarded me with an award, I need to figure out how to pick it up. Im not sure what we will do on Thanksgiving, I dont want to cook all the same stuff again, we are going to the churches feast next Sunday evening. I have a tyrkey in the freezer, maybe I will just cook it and we can have turkey sandwiches. It's just me and my kids, I will be sad missing my family. I need to think of something fun for us to do:) Have a nice Tuesday!!!


Shirla said...

Just go over to Julieann's blog and save the award to you computer, then start a new post and put it in there and post the new post. I wanted to pick you, but Julieann had already picked you.

Anonymous said...

Girl you ever heard don't knock it till you try it hehe.My spam was good=) I wish we had snow that just isn't fair .hope you had a great day.

Sharon said...

Congratulations on your award! That's great! Your dogs look like they are having a great time.

Have a great day!

:0) Sharon