Friday, November 28, 2008

shop til you drop:))

I left the house at 4am this morning:), it was crazy, I started with JC Penny's, then went over to Toys R Us and was 150 in line to get in the door. Inside I about had a panick attack, too many people. I waited in line 45 minutes to check out then I was off to Sears. At Sears I forgot to use my $10 off coupon so that was a bummer. After sears I haeded for Shopko, one hour and twenty minutes I stood in the line to check out. Then off to Costco, after that I headed home, it was around 9:30, I first stopped at Safeway to get fixins for a huge breakfast. I made breakfast, took a nap then headed off for more shopping:)) I just finished some on-line shopping and I am pleased to say that my Christmas shopping is almost done. I am tired, my feet are throbbing, but my spirits are jolly and festive:))). I will spend the weekend preparing the house for our Christmas tree. I have a messy kitchen to clean so I will post more tomorrow on how our Thanksgiving was. Have a nice Friday:))
PS. When I carved my turkey I found a plastic bag inside full of parts. I couldn't believe that I cooked that:)


Peggy said...

LOL that plastic bag of parts was suppose to be used to make giblet gravy and also cut up to put in your stuffing if you like. I did that with the first turkey I cooked. Yes, you have the right address.

It's Always Something Around Here said...

Glad you had a successful shopping day! I didn't go out....stayed home and worked on the decorating. I just can't deal with the crowds.

LOL on the plastic bag of parts!!!

Celticspirit said...

Way to go on finding all those bargains. I've never gone shopping on a black Friday but last year Russell stood outside all night with my son to get a laptop at Best Buy. I worked today but on my break I did buy a larger George Foreman Grill for only $27 and 8 dvd movies for only $2 each.

Shirla said...

LOL on the turkey. I've only did black Friday shopping once a few years ago, never again!

The Mind of a Mom said...

Hey MrsRuiz

This is my first time to you blog, I am visiting from the Haven :o)
I giggled about the turkey as it brought back memories of my first turkey. It seems like lots of us do the same thing! :o) ~ They really need to make sure that when mom's give birth before those precious baby girls are handed over they promise to tell their daughters about the neck and "bag" when cooking their first turkey. My daughter and I were laughing and awwwwing over the cat pics! We love the second one the best ~ what a face.
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and are enjoying your long weekend

Anonymous said...

Lol I have to laugh with Peggy. Your are a trip.
We decided against the early shopping as I get older I have a rage problem and im afraid I wouldn't have took it as well as you.