Sunday, November 16, 2008

Justins introduction

This is Justin, he finally agreed to let me post his picture. This is the picture he picked, dont you think he needs a haircut?
My computer is being so slow this morning, I think I should take the music off and someone added a song to my playlist. Who did that? I wonder if there is a way to delete old posts so they are not taking up memory space and slowing down my computer. I wanted to post pictures of the girlscout ceremonies but the computer is being weird so I will try again tomorrow. I think that is a horrible picture of my Justin. Oh well:))) I guess Im going to delete my music:(
I went to get my oil change yesterday and it ended up costing $100, I needed my brake fluid changed. So I didnt get to go to costco. I have more to talk about but I have to get to church right now so I will talk later. have a blessed day!!!


Celticspirit said...

Was that a before and after a haircut picture of Justin? ;) Seriously though I don't see anything wrong with either picture....why don't ya like it?

I have not heard your music because I don't keep my speakers on. I don't put them on unless I'm listening to online radio or Coast to Coast. I'm sure your music is nice though. I can however see how it would slow your computer down.

Anonymous said...

You do have a handsome hubby. Im glad he finally agreed to allow you to put his picture on so we all didn't think he was make believe hehe.
Hope church went well.

T said...

Hey, nice picture of Justin! He is better then me, I won't post a pic of myself or hubby.

Have a great night.

Shirla said...

YAY! I'm glad Justin finally let you post his pic. :)

Celticspirit said...

Just poppin on here to say that I knew it was a wig he was wearing. I was just being silly. Hope you have a good day.

April Russell said...

Hey! Love your dog! That's great he let you post his picture! I just don't ask mine! haha! Anyway tell him we said thanks and we'll be expecting more!