Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Saturday:)

My plan yesterday was to be lazy but my darling dogs beat me to the couch:) Avery wanted to play with her friend in her room so I was on my own:)) I watched two black and white old movies one with Bette Davis called Dark Victory and the other was The old house on the hill, they were both good movies. Then I made choc. chip cookies. It was a pretty boring day. Today is the church thanksgiving feast at 6pm. After the service this morning I will stay and help decorate the tables and after the dinner I will help cleanup:) I am making greenbean casserole and deviled eggs. Have a blessed day!!
What does the top of your fridge look like?

I was so bored, so I made cookies:)

This is my beautiful baby cat watching me cook dinner, isn't she cute:)) I know it's not very sanitary for the cat to be on the counter but she is so darn cute i cant throw her down

Look at this huge blank wall, it's horrible


Shirla said...

My daughter Tina has a cat that looks just like yours! She has two names, Kitta Girl and Suzie. lol She lives at Tina's old house with Carter and Wesley's dad now.

Eric is in the kitchen now ripping out the old floor. They didn't do any work on the floor Saturday, they all went hunting. They promised me that it would all be finished today.

April Russell said...

yummy cookies! ADORABLE doggies! The tree is not real, it actually was just $35.00, and the lights came on it! We put it up early b/c mom and dad are comin for Thanksgiving, and we won't be here Christmas!!!

Shirla said...

They hunt deer. If they didn't they would over run us. I don't eat the meat, but they do. My boys have never killed any, but one of the guys that was hunting with the Saturday did. He shared some of the meat with us and Keith and the boys are going to use it to make chili. I'll be eating something else that night. :x

They didn't get my floor finished. He still has a little bit left to do, he said would finish it tomorrow evening after dinner.

Shirla said...

That was mean of your uncle to tell you that they were Santa's reindeer!

My aunt Lucille used to make BBQ out of deer meat and try to trick me into eating, I would never eat it. I would also never eat roast at her house because I was always scared she was trying to trick me by serving deer meat instead of roast

Celticspirit said...

The cookies look yummy. How was your dinner at the church? It all sounds like fun.
How do your cat and dogs get along with each other?