Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Back on track:)))

Today is a good day!! I even saw a rainbow this morning on my way to the laundry mat. I was able to take my cat to the vet yesterday, they were kind enough to waive the office visit fee and I was able to afford the medication, I spent about $65 and i am pleased to say that my cat is almost 100% better. She is breathing normally and has came out of isolation to interact with the family:)). Next Tuesday is vaccine day so I will take her to start getting caught up on her shots. I guess she just had a bad resperitory infection.
I think mine and Justins rough patch is over and we are back to loving one another:)) He just needs a reminder now and then that no matter how bad his day is going with work I am not his punching bag, so to speak. He is on his way to Georgia now. When the kids are all grown up I plan on being on the road with him for a few years, then we can save up for a down payment on a home. That would be nice. I love being on the truck, the longest trip I rode with him on lasted a month and I was able to see all the states except 8 of them. Now that we are in Oregon I dont have any family to watch the kids so I can go with him. Thats okay though, I will wait.
I have to bring the laundry in now, I am so glad that I don''t have to carry it all up and down those stairs anymore. I was waiting for the day I took a tumble with a basket of clothes in my arms. When we first moved here we had a good snow fall and being from Sacramento,CA I was not wise to the snow. It was about 10:30 pm and I leashed up the dogs to take them potty and with my flip flops on I stepped onto the first step to go down the stairs with 3 inches of snow on the step I slid on my back all the way to the bottom, and didn't even let go of my dogs leashes. My back was completely bruised and I am lucky that was all that happened.It wasnt very bright of me to go out in flip flops:)) Im thankful to be downstairs now:)) Have a wonderful Wednesday ladies!!!


T said...

I am so glad you are having a better day. :)

Please make sure even if your kitty is acting better, finish all her meds. That is very important.

Also, I would not take her for her vaccinations until 2 weeks after she is off her meds. You don't want to overload her system. You always want to make sure your cat is healthy before giving them vaccines, this is why you want to wait 2 weeks after all meds, just to be safe.:))


April Russell said...

Glad you are well! Hope ur Wednesday continues to be great!

Peggy said...

glad the kitty is okay and also glad you and hubby are doing fine.

Shirla said...

I'm glad you had a good day and I'm glad you and Justin are doing better. Thank goodness kitty is doing better!

Shirla said...

I just read my comments...You should go to the Pampered Chef party! The food the consultant makes is always so yummy! You dont have to buy anything at the parties, but if you do feel the need to, they have stuff in the catalog that isn't expensive, just find something that doesn't cost a lot if you really feel the need to buy something.

Julieann said...

Yes, I am so glad today is better--and I read the post below too and I am happy you were able to take the kitty to the vet---I understand Vets/Doctors wanting payment, but being paid a couple days after service should always be fine with them--and I am glad it worked out!!!

No one deserves to be a punching bag--one day I will post my story--(Not about my husband now)

Anyway, dear friend, I am so, so sorry, you are going through some trying times--my email, blog and phone line is always open!!!

((Gentle hugs my friend)))


Anonymous said...

Im glad your day is even sound upbeat in your blog. Im very happy for the kitty =)