Monday, November 24, 2008

Last nights dinner at church

She wants to eat.

Avery and her little friend Haley, with their fake smiles

Pastor and his Pastor wife

Avery getting ready to do an African dance they have been practicing

The food was so good and there was so much of it. It was a nice event, the little preschoolers performed and they were so cute, then Averys age group performed and they were cute all trying to dance in the same direction. The girls were supposed to wear all black but some girls didn't. The event was geared towards the bus families, those are the kids that come Wednesday nights just to get away from home or the parents send them for a break. It was nice that most of them showed up with their families, hopefully they will come back and want to know God.
We woke up at 7:45 this morning, Ian needs to be on the bus at that time he is just now leaving. I was able to get Ave ready in 15 minutes. We were up late watching Hannah Montana Best of Both Worlds movie. Im going to go to costco and winco this morning. My Christmas swap partner backed out atr the last minute so I might go return her gifts:(
Have a great day!!


Celticspirit said...

Trying to comment again, my first one did not go through.

Nice pictures.:) I'm glad you had fun at your church dinner.

What kind of Christmas swap were you doing?

April Russell said...

What did you mean by those different names? Where did you see those? Also call me a true conservative, but I still think that stopping the ovulation is abortion if you have chosen to have sex without a condom.

April Russell said...

I have no clue who picks them. Mine are always random and don't spell anything. I don't use birth control, I'm sure that is the gist of it. Like I said, I am very conservative.

T said...

Nice pictures. Happy you had a nice dinner at church.
Sorry about your Christmas Sap partner, that is no fun.

Shirla said...

You have been unable to IM me because I've not been signed on to AIM. I was signed on AIM around 4:00pm today, but didnt stay long I had to finish dinner.

Shirla said...

On that Fall Harvest cake, I just use whatever apple is the cheapest. I haven't used green apples though, I think they might be to sour in the cake. I think the last one made I used a Macintosh.