Friday, November 21, 2008

I Love Cookies:)

Here is my award from Juliann, I finally was able to move it thanks to my wonderful teacher, Shirla:))) I am supposed to pass the award on, so if you are under my " friends list" please pick up the award. Those are the blogs I visit faithfully daily. You all are my friends, really my only friends:) Justin thinks Im crazy but he doesn't understand the connection we women make:) So please pick up this butterfly award.
This is a "Haystack Cookie", it is made with chow mein noodles, peanuts and butterscotch chips. My grandma made these when we would visit for Christmas. Yesterday at the church potluck one of the elder ladies brought a plate full:) I have not had one of those cookies for atleast 20 years. I ate 7 of them, hehe:) Im bad I know. I will be walking Avery to school. I googled the cookie to find the recipe, I dont want to sift through a bunch of different recipes so if anyone out there has a simple one please share it with me. Today I have a few errands to run today, one of them is taking a toy back that I ordered from JC Pennys catalog. It is for Ave and it's a dog stroller, bed, carrier, and the dog with some accesories. I paid $40 for it. I decided to open the box yesterday and check it out. Im glad I did because it is way to small for her. It looks about right for a 0ne year old to push around. So I will take that back and get the money then go to the Build a Bear and find a bed there. I totaly plan on shopping next Friday during "black friday" I never have before so I hope I get some deals. I just want to go to Toys r Us and maybe Kohls or Sears. My son likes to skip 6th period so I am going to show up at the door of his 5th period class and walk him to 6th period. We will see how he likes that:))
Have a fun weekend my friends!!!


Peggy said...

I use to eat those cookies all the time but have never made them! The secret to my veggie soup.. shhhh don't tell anyone LOL is V8 juice. Start with that and add all your leftover veggies from the week or any veggies you like. I sometimes add some browned ground beef too. The V8 juice gives it such a great flavor instead of starting with tomatoes.

Shirla said...

Your award looks great!

Does using those old boxes to start the wood stove count as recycling? ;) I did throw a few of the boxes away.

Last Thanksgiving my daughter Tina cooked Thanksgiving dinner, but I bought two turkeys because I found a great deal on then. I fixed one after Christmas (I make lasagna for Christmas dinner) and I tried to cook the other one over the summer, but when it was thawing in my spare fridge someone left the fridge door open and the turkey ruined in there.

I don't really have a real recipe for my Haystacks. I just melt butterscotch chips, then add some peanut butter, stir until peanut butter is all melted into the butter scotch chips, then add the hard noodle thingies, stir and drop from spoon onto wax paper, cool then eat. yummmm When making the chocolate ones, just use semi sweet chocolate chips instead of the butter scotch ones, add peanut butter and noodles, drop by spoonfuls onto wax paper.

April Russell said...

Aww thanks! That is so sweet! Your cookies look delicious! I think that men just don't understand saving money like we do.

T said...

Hi Dana,
Thank you so much for the award. That is very kind of you. You know I consider you a very good friend too.

I have to say I have never had those cookies before, nor have I ever heard of them. Now I have to go see if I could make some.

Juli said...

Congratulations on the award !

and thanks so much for sharng it :)

I love those little chow mein cookies. I make some every year. And the no-bake oatmeal and choclate pods. I can never remember what anything is called :)

Sharon said...

Thank you so much for my award! I will put it in my awards section on my blog! Your haystack cookies look wonderful, I will have to try them.

You said you wished you could be half the mother I am.....well, I am here to tell you you can be! All you need to do is listen to your kids and really hear their hearts desires and passions and try to respond to them. I pray all the time that God will help me with ideas on what to do with my kids, that the Holy Spirit will speak to my heart on what I should say or shouldn't say! I pray this way daily, several times a day! I know you love your kids and you are a great mother!

Have a wonderful weekend!