Thursday, November 13, 2008


Waiting for the bubbles
She is the best bubble catcher

Lsast night after church we came home and the dogs were very entertaining, they were being cute:) Im so tired in the mornings, I cant seem to sleep well living in a bottom unit. Im nervous at night of someone breaking in, and it doesn't help when the dog jumps out of bed and looks out the window barking like crazy. I know my girl dog would attack someone if we were in danger but Biscuit the big boy dog, he would just lick an intruder and be all happy. I just have to get used to being on ground level.
Im going to go have lunch with the church elder ladies, Im going to ask if one of them can teach me how to crochet. I know how to make a chain but thats about it. I saw really cute scarves at walmart and thought it would be nice to make one myself.
Have a good day ladies!!!


T said...

Those are really cute pictures.

Give it some time and you will begin to feel comfortable downstairs, it just takes time, and this is still new for you.

Kathi said...

I'm so glad you have those doggies. They are wonderful. I'm glad the one will bark and fight for you. I'm sorry you feel scared. Pray that God will give you a peaceful sleep. My sister Sharon often has reminded me of a verse in Psalm that says "Angels encamp around me." She told me to picture in my mind that angels had tents set up all around my house camping. She told me to picture hundreds of them. I used to be afraid when my husband was on business trips. I hope this comforts you sweetie.


Kathi said...

Dana, When you are at your playlist site, it should have a place for the code. You tell it you want the code for blog or blogger. You right click and save, then go to your blog to add a page eliment. Go to java script. Paste it there and SAVE. I hope it will work for you.

I use several different Bible story books for Garrett. The main thing is to have Bible time where you read eith the Bible and talk about it or read a children's Bible with pictures and talk about it. Also say a prayer. It doesn't have to be fancy. For years and years, my dad just prayer, "God is great, God is good, let us thank Him for our food. Bless Mommy, Daddy, Kelli, Kathi, Sharon and Wade. He was very sincere. He prayed for us constantly while he was driving his truck. His prayers with us were simple. He kissed our cheek. I knew God was real. Bless you. Kathi

Peggy said...

You will get use to being downstairs. It took awhile but now I go outside to check on the animals during the middle of the night without a flashlight or anything. I use to be afraid someone would get me or break in. Now I tell everyone if someone did get me they would bring me back come morning. LOL

April Russell said...

Hey! I better not have a bun in the oven! haha! Although it is possible!