Friday, November 14, 2008


As you can tell I have added some music, my friend Kathi taught me how to do that. I have to revise my play list when I have more time. Today I am off to the laundry mat again to wash the bedding, then to the car wash to wash and vacum the car out. I raked most of the leafs yesterday but ran out of room in the container to put any more. Tomorrow at girlscouts the girls are having their rededication ceremony and a luncheon so I have to pick something up for that, I will probably just go to costco and grab a salad. I better go drink a chai latte for some energy. I hope you all have a nice weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

LOL you are a nut. Im afraid I do talk southern. Not Cajun.Im sure to you it is very Southern. When I come to see Rian in Jersey everyone ask me to talk. I say why did I do something wrong. They laugh and say no it's cute.

Celticspirit said...

Are you and your daughter having lots of fun with the girlscouts? My youngest daughter was in it for a couple of years and I was a co-leader but I think I liked it more than her. She wanted to quit and I could not convince her otherwise.

Shirla said...

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