Wednesday, January 21, 2009

wordless wednesday

I was doing the dishes yesterday and this is where she decided to lay. I know I really need to get a life:) Today is late start for the kids so I made them a big breakfast of sausage, potatoes and eggs but I had yogurt:( I usually love this breakfast but today it just didn't look good. Pastor wants me to give my testimony on quiting smoking tonight at church in front of everyone, I cant speak in front of people without wanting to pass out. I will do it only because Jesus wants me to:)
He is the one that helped me quit and I do owe him:) Justin put in for his time off on February 18th, he is crazy, he left January 2nd. When he told me this I sent him a text message and now he will be home for 1 night either Sunday or Monday:) He arranged it so he can take his 36 hour re-start at home. I really wish we would get some rain, this has been a dry winter for where I live in Oregon. Everything is iced up outside . Do you like how my wordless Wednesdays are never without words:) Have a great day!!!


DayPhoto said...

I do like your wordless Wednesday :)

I also like your very friendly and helpful kitty.


Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

If only the cat could be taught to do the dishes being it knows where they go!!! LOL

Have you shared your quit smoking testimony on your blog? If so I would like to share it with my daughter.

Monkey Crunch? Not sure what that is. Puppy Chow is made with Chex cereal coated with chocolate and peanut butter then in powdered sugar.

And....WOW! on the willpower!!!

T said...

Good luck with your testimony. I am terrible at speaking in public too, but I find if it is something I feel strongly about, I can do it, so I know you can!

Love the picture!!

The Mind of a Mom said...

That is funny! What a great hiding place :o)
You will be fine tonight, just focus on one person as if you are talking to her or him only and you will do fine!
Good Luck and have fun

Peggy said...

Your kitty is like my Whiskers. You never know where you will find him. I know you did well speaking last night. At first you are nervous but if you speak from your heart you get so excited about what God has done for you that you forget to be nervous or scared.

Celticspirit said...

Jesus is awesome.:)

Glad to hear that Justin will be home, even if only for a short time.