Saturday, January 3, 2009

Someone please pray for me:(

Avery and her classmate Melissa
Look at her go, she went once around holding on, then she took off

It is a blurry picture of Avery skating towards the window

Yay! I got my ring out of the pawn shop, we borrowed the money when the microwave blew. We need to learn how to be more responsible The hotel room that Justins company put us in

I know the devil is testing me. Even after three months of not smoking I let the stress of this man's (landlord) e-mails get to me. Justin insisted that I write a kiss butt e-mail to the landlord and just tell him what he wants to hear for the sake of anymore stress. So I did and I'm not feeling good about myself. First off this man smokes marijuana, I know that because i smelled it all the time and when I was packing his kitchen I found a bowl full of it and handed it to him. he pulled out his medical marijuana card to explain himself. People who smoke that have up and down moods and forget what they are talking about. Also 2 nights before he left for Mexico he brought two hookers to the upstairs unit back to back. The second one ended up running out at 1:30 am screaming rape waking up the neighborhood. The police came but made no arrests. I don't know why. This is a man of questionable character and unfortunatly in Oregon tenants have no real rights in a rental, if an owner wants you out then you are out. It is easy and fast. We can't take that chance, it is also hard to find a place that will accept all the animals we have. Im very unhappy. Avery is testing me with her attitude and im not one to spank but I feel my anger with her will lead to it. I did not want to move until Ian graduates from highschool but I think looking around is a good idea. We have no ties to this town, we can move anywhere.

I took Avery and three of her friends ice skating yesterday. It was a first for all of them, they all did well. Avery was out in the middle doing spins, I was very impressed. We had girlscouts this morning and now Avery is in her room for the day. I dont know what else to do for her. I dont know why she is so mean to her friends, I did not teach her to be so ugly. I really need prayer and feel like Im not "in" good enough with God to ask for myself, so if you got it like that with God can you say a little prayer for me:))


Anonymous said...

Girl if we had to wait until we got in good with God we would none have anything! He says come as we are. As long as we repent. For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.
Never see Jesus as out there in space and not with you. He is in your heart and when we get saved he sends the Holy Spirit to live in us.
This is something I learned later in life In the bible there are many names for the lord one is Abba Father when translated means Daddy Daddy. I will never forget that teaching. When a child is hurting or needs their dad and cries for him he reaches out his arms and picks them up.
Many times if our dad in real life wasn't affectionate we have a hard time seeing Jesus that way,but he loves us more than we can even love our own. So crawl right up in his lap and tell him what is bothering you.
Love you,Brenda

Blessed With 4 said...

Hi Dana...I am sorry you are having a tough time. Just remember this too shall pass.
I agree with Brenda, crawl up in sweet Jesus' lap and let him hold you.
I have a few scriptures for you.
Psalm 3
Psalm 4:1 & 3 &7-8
Psalm 5:1-3
Psalm 13:5-6
I hope that these help you and know I am praying for you my sweet sister.
Hugs, BJ

Anonymous said...

The hardest thing in the world to do s pray for those who use us and are mean to us. Your love and ministry is what God wants this man to see. It makes the devil so mad when we show the love of Jesus. He wants us to get n our flesh and act like fools =) have many times,but I can assure you kill them with kindness is real. Read the scripture about putting on the whole Armour of God. Also the scripture says we do not wrestle against flesh and blood,but against principalities in high places.So when you see this man realize it is the devil in and through him.
Love you girl = )

Peggy said...

Dana, you pray whatever is in your heart. God is there and will hear. He hasn't turned his back on you and will always be there. Stay strong in your faith... hugs my friend

Sweet Nothings said...

Yes we do have a Cd for sale. It's on both itunes and our website.... ! Hope you can find it ok.

Take Care,

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Lay your concerns at His feet and He will be there for you!

My Hubs is headed to Bismark ND tomorrow! LOL

Celticspirit said...

Just follow your heart on this one Dana. Do what feels right to you. Your landlord has some serious problems and you can't let it affect you or your family.

T said...

Follow your heart Dana, and do what is best for you and your family.

The Mind of a Mom said...

Oh Mrs.Ruiz
That story of your ring broke my heart!
Oh and the crazy smoking of the medical marijuana and now it takes thing so to a whole new lever. At least that is what they think. Someone needs to kick his butt! And tell him to leave you the heck alone

Kathi said...

I agree totally with Brenda. We come to the Lord all covered with our sins, looking like a child covered in mud. The Lord takes us as we are when we fall at His feet in repentance. He hears the prayer of a humble person. Come to Jesus as you are Dana, and He will lift you up. I'm going to pray that you get a house, not only a house to rent, but that you OWN the house. Also, I do not think it is too much to ask that God could provide your husband with a "crummy." A "crummy" is an old pick-up that looks crummy, but runs well. He can leave it and not worry that anyone would steal it. I'm going to start praying for these two things for you today. Bless you Dana. ps if God doesn't provide the crummy, it could be that He wants you and your husband to do all that talking while driving (that's good for a marriage).

Oh, I am so glad you got to spend the night in a hotel and get the free breakfast. What a nice little bonus. Hugs, Kathi