Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ouch, my back hurts

I really don't like my bed, Justin needs a firm mattress for his back but it is killing mine. We need one of those sleep number beds. Last night I took Avery to her troops "holiday" party, the actual Christmas party was cancelled when we had the snow anyways I checked in all the girls and then had to leave to go to a African Missions banquet at my church, they served a tri-tip dinner and showed a presentation about missions in Africa. I ended up having to leave right in the middle of the event because I way over ate and my stomach was cramping. I think these pills are shrinking my stomach, I only finished half my plate. I felt bad walking out like that. We have Girl Scouts this morning also, we have been selling cookies for the last week. I think we have sold 65 boxes so far, today I will sign up for some booth sales. I'm going to make Brenda's chicken pot pie for dinner tonight and have a salad with it. I have a lady in Utah that wants to rent the place but the owner has not responded to my e-mails for three days and I'm not sure how to go about renting to someone 600 miles away, you know as far as signing the lease. She wont move here until the middle of February. I think something bad may be wrong with the owner, I'm getting worried. I need to figure this out:(


Celticspirit said...

Have you ever tried one of those memory foam things for your mattress? They are a bit pricey but work great. And if Justin does not want one on his side, you could buy a twin size one and put it on your side of the bed. I didn't like the bed we had in SC and it helped a great deal. Walmart has them. I think I paid $60.
Maybe the pills made your stomach cramp? I don't know...maybe it's me but I'd be nervous taking so many diet pills. I've heard too many bad stories.
Girl Scout Cookie time! I love selling GS cookies. Only thing is....I never wanted to eat a girl scout cookie for years. It's not that I ate a lot of them but I think I had cookie overload!
If you don't hear from your landlord soon you can do a safety check where you call the police in that city and tell them that you are worried about him. They will go check on him.

Celticspirit said...

Oh one more thing, did you know that those grasshopper keebler mint cookies are the same exact recipe as the gs thin mints? The same company makes them both. They are good.

Kathi said...

Dana, Please do be careful about those diet pills. Wow, you are amazing 65 boxes? You have done well in selling. I've heard those foam things are good for one's back. My back aches sometimes too, depending on the mattress. I agree that doing a safety check on the landlord would be helpful, and might at least let you know what's going on. Have a pleasant day, Dana. Kathi