Monday, January 19, 2009

Awwww,so cute:)

This is a basket that I keep on top of the microwave, mama cat decided to make it her bed. I was told not to get on the scale for atleast 3 weeks, I couldnt wait and I checked my weight yesterday, I lost 5 pounds last week:) I need to start excercising or atleast walking. For those of you that may be concerned, dont worry these pills are vitamins and have no ephederine products:) Still no word from the owner, maybe he just wants me to make all decisions and thats why he does not respond to my e-mails. Justin said wait until Friday and the call AT&T to get an international calling plan and give him a call.
No school today, it's MLK day. Avery stayed the night at her friends house last night and the break was nice. I have 3 little girls all week and welcomed the peace. My dinner of roasted chicken and potatos and greenbeans turned out so good. Tonight the kids can have left overs, I will be going to bible study. Justin is on his way from Atlanta, Georgia to Fort Collins, Colorado, he says he wont be home for another 3 weeks:(
Have a happy Monday:)))


Sharon said...

Awe....what a cute kitty! Congratulations on the weight loss! You go girl!

:0) Sharon

DayPhoto said...

I want to loose weight also, too, help!

What cute photos! It is fun to come here and see what is happening in your life.

You take care, Dear, lots of us love visiting with you.


T said...

Cute Mama Cat. Isn't it funny watching all the places they find to lay in?

Congrats on the weight loss.