Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Pictures

Justin is finally gone and now maybe I can get back on track. I took him to work at 3:30 this morning. I have a bunch of rental work to do today. Im really not liking this "manager" position. Only $230 is being deducted from my rent and I feel it should be more. Two young men came and applied yesterday and each paid $40 for the background check, I still have to call the employee, previous rentals and references. What was the point of me putting them into this renters system we use if I still have to do all the work. And $40 is expensive Im sure thats not what it cost. It didn't show prices but Im sure it wasn't. I dont want to be the one to tell these young men that they have been denied. That decision has not been made yet Im waiting via e-mail for the owner to communicate with me. I think that is absurd also. Everytime I ask a question I have to wait hours for an answer. Im just a mom and a good tenant doing him a favor. He acts like I went to property management school or something. Justin says just try and stick it out, once this unit is rented it should be less stressful. Also I took on a 5 day a week babysitting job for Averys friend. The little girl goes everywhere with us, she is in alot of pictures. Her dad can only pay me $50 every 2 weeks which is fine with me. Haley is a friend and he is a single father. Haleys mom who used to live nearby lost her baby and rights to see Haley because she was using drugs. So until she gets her life together I will be watching Haley. The girls bicker all day long it is annoying:) I just want to get my house clean and organized. Thanks for letting me vent, I could go on but I must start being the "manager"
Look at the mess, I had it under control for the first half. Mia is trying to get the cat

Doesn't Justin look thrilled about putting together another toy

Look at him, he is mad that I bought him that book

My mom bought her this in Hawaii


Blessed With 4 said...

Hi Dana....great pics...thank you for sharing your family. I love the cat toy that your daughter got :) As the manager's you get to choose who rents the place? If you do, that is a blessing. If not when you do write to the landlord about a perspective renter you can also send your opinion if you think they will be good or not. It could work in your favor. Also remember that this too shall pass :)
Have a blessed day.
Hugs, BJ

Peggy said...

Loved seeing your Christmas Pictures! Cheer up things will ge better.

T said...

I just had to play catch up with all your posts. Love all the pictures.
Hang in there, it is a new year!

Sweet Nothings said...

Thanks for sharing your Christmas pictures. I'm sorry things aren't going well for you. It's a new year though and the Lord will bring many blessings! I'm sorry too that your son wasn't thrilled with that book. But seeds are being planted. Maybe he'll see it lying there one day and be interested.

Take care and have a good weekend!

The Mind of a Mom said...

Hey Mrs.Ruiz

I love the Christmas pics, the one of him and the book made me smile! That is so teenaged boyish. :o)
The girl received books but her reaction was the complete opposite as they were from the Twilight series and Edward is the be all to end all!

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

I understand the trucker's wife's life well. Being we have a good repair guy just down the street the past two years it has made my life sooo much easier. No 2am trips in the middle of the night to pick him up cuz he just has to sleep at home!

Good luck with the managers job! Sounds stressful!

Happy New Year!!

Julieann said...

I enjoyed all the pictures:)

I was a property manager for 5 years, and I thouroughly enjoyed it--I know I am a goof ball:) As for the 40 dollars that sounds good--it was 15 then 25--but it pays for the credit check and the time in volved doing all the work. It is high, but it also weeds out all the looky lous. It is hard work and I give you credit for doing it!!

Happy New Year!


Kathi said...

Nice pictures Dana. Thanks for sharing your Christmas. I am sorry about your son not being thrilled with that book. That has happened to me before also. I hope he will decide to read it. I will pray for you and that things will go well for you about this landlord. Hugs, Kathi