Tuesday, June 16, 2009

the past few days

Last Friday Ave graduated brownies, she is now going to be moving up to a junior, she will be wearing green instead of brown. On Friday we went to a park with her troop to have a end of the year pot luck and award ceremony where all the girls received the badges they earned through out the year. On Saturday we took the dogs to go on a hike. This was their first hike and their first encounter with water other than the bathtub. I know I'm a bad puppy mom for keeping them sheltered for 3 years. They loved the river, I had tears in my eyes I was so proud of them. The only problem is other hikers have their well behaved dogs off lead and it makes me nervous. I'm worried my little dog Mia will try to fight any dogs that approach her to just have a friendly sniff. One gentlemen on the path had his 3 German Sheppard's off lead and Mia was growling and pulling her leash to get at them. The man told me to just calm down that my dog didn't want to fight and her growling was just a bluff. I'm sure he is probably right and I need to work on staying calm. We are going to go back again tomorrow. After our hike I went to my church to help with a funeral. Some of the ladies had asked if I would help lay out food and clean up, so I did that for 3 hours then after that I took Ave and her friend to a local carnival that was in town for the weekend. Saturday was a go, go, go day and when evening came I was pooped. I will post pictures tomorrow. I have been taking those weight loss pills called Alli, so far in one week I have lost 4 pounds. I'm pretty excited about that. Hopefully with my walking and hiking and diet change I will start shedding more weight:) Being overweight is depressing me so I have to do something about it and I know it is going to take time and effort. I am now going to go pay all of you a long overdue visit:))) Have a great day!!!


Gundo vom Haus Sevens said...

Good luck with your weight loss! I am pulling for you!


Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

You can do it!!! Hike away!

I have lost 20 lbs so I know you can do it. I LOVE how your clothes become too big!!! Great feeling.