Friday, May 1, 2009

all alone:(

before the run
middle of the run

end of the run

I don't like it when I'm all alone. Ian is gone for the weekend and Avery is staying the night with a friend. Justin is sleeping because he is doing midnight driving so I cant talk to him on the phone:( My leg is healing slowly, it hurts when I walk. My bedroom set is here. The delivery men didn't offer to put my mattresses back on so I did it myself and ended up scuffing the wood. i was so mad at myself. I should have waited for Ian to get home so he could help but I just wanted to put it all back together. I'm so terrible with posting pictures. My room is so small and Justin's ugly cigar humidors have to sit on my dresser and night stand:( He needs to find a stand for them. Today Ave's school had a jog-a-thon, that's where they get pledges from friends and family to pay a certain amount for each lap they run. It is a fundraiser. I volunteered to mark the kids tags as they ran by. The max laps allowed was 20 which was equivalent to 5 miles. Avery ran/walked all 20 and raised 120.00 for her school. Yesterday I noticed another, yes another lump on my dog so I took him back to the vet and thankfully it was just a reaction to his lyme disease vaccine. On May 6th he is having a lump removed from his belly. I will try to get some pictures posted this weekend really I will. Have a nice weekend:)


The Mind of a Mom said...

Bummer about the bedroom set! Conrgads to Avery that is very impressive!! I'm sitting here alone also. I am trying with one hand so I am going to keep it short and just tell you to have a Great Weekend.

Celticspirit said...

Glad to hear you finally got your bedroom set. I can't wait to see a picture of it. We need to replace ours too. Way to go on volunteering at Avery's school. She will always remember you being there and helping out all the time.