Friday, May 15, 2009

pictures from our Portland trip

Yesterday we had to drive to Portland so Ave could see a pediatric stomach specialist. The drive to the hospital and the land that it sits on was just absolutely beautiful. When we were done we decided to ride the tram.
Avery inside the tram. See the cables, we are going to the other side

we are in the tram crossing over the city

looking down from the tram

looking down from the 7th floor. Thats the winding road you drive to get to the hospital on the top of the hill

I thought this church was beautiful

Portland traffic on our way home


Kathi said...

Beautiful photos Dana. I hope all is well with Ave's stomach.Kathi

Celticspirit said...

Super cool pictures, I too love the church one. What is wrong with Avery's stomach? I hope she's ok.

Brittany said...

Hope Avery is doing ok! Looks like you had a good time nonetheless! Beautiful pictures.

Gundo in Downtown said...

Great pictures - hope that Ave's stomach is going to be A-ok!