Friday, May 22, 2009

look what my dog did

My 72 pound dog Biscuit was laying on the couch with me when he noticed a squirrel outside so he stepped on my stomach and jumped off of me to pursue the squirrel. This is the bruise that he left on my stomach. Pretty bad huh? This happened 3 days ago but I did not notice the bruise until yesterday.


Gundo in Downtown said...

Wow, that is nasty looking! Take care of it!


Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...


CanadianMom said...

Dana, oh my gosh!!!
Ice on Ice off ~ 15 on 15 off and I bet when you showed him what he did he probably licked it with love to make you feel better. I am not going to lick it but I am going to you get better soon. LoL

CanadianMom said...

Sorry Dana my comment went in as CanadianMom but it is me Toni (that addy it picked up is one for the soccer team) it's been a long day.