Friday, March 12, 2010

whats been going on

I didn't realize I hadn't posted for so long. Life gets busy. The next two months are really busy for my daughters girl scout troop. I have had every test to see what can be causing the dizziness and they all checked out normal, so I'm left with no answers. I'm starting to think it may be hormonal. I guess I just have to live with it.
My honey will finally be back home this week. It's been 6 weeks since his last visit. I was lucky enough to drive up north last Wednesday and stay the night with him in a hotel, so that was nice.
My sons progress report had one D and one F so I had to get on him about that and take away a few privileges. It is to close to graduation to be messing up, plus I already ordered his cap and gown. The school has a program where parents can log on and check out their child's daily work and grades.
We went snow tubing last weekend, it was so much fun. I'm hoping to take them again next weekend. Today it's stormy out but still no snow.
After my housework I will be by to pay you all a visit and catch up. See ya


Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Sorry you are still not feeling well. Hope it ends for ya soon.
Enjoy time with your honey this week. Mine went to Neveda so won't be home til Sunday.
So you had to go find some snow,huh? Good for you!! Ours is melting quickly.
Have a good weekend!

Celticspirit said...

Here is the link to my new blog.

My other blog will be going private and I will send you the link to get to it as soon as I get it set up.

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Knock! Knock! Anybody home??

Miss hearing from ya!